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Divorce Goddess Podcast

Apr 12, 2023

Delighted to have family lawyer Zoe Bloom of BloomBudd LLP as my guest this week on the podcast talking about what she does best - helping those most in need of strategic legal thinking to ensure they exit a marriage with some financial security plus she shares her own ‘starter marriage’ experience and how she got out.

We talk about independence and empowerment especially for women thinking about, starting out on the path or going through divorce. And why it’s time for women to grow their confidence through divorce by taking ownership of their finances, becoming their own lighthouse and staying in their power.

Zoe Bloom ~ BloomBudd LLP  ~ Insta @bloombuddllp

Tosh Brittan ~ Buy my book here ~ Insta @divorcegoddess

"A wonderful and powerful guide to anyone in the throes of divorce, or navigating the aftermath. Tosh supports us with a kinder approach, to help build resilience and soothe many of the struggles we typically associate with divorce." E Lewis

"Tosh gives you the opportunity to grow kindness as a superpower, respond to difficult situations with clarity and look forwards to a peaceful future. A must for anyone going through and acrimonious divorce in order to protect the essence of self. I will use this book as a guide for the future with regards to co parenting in harmony . As always brilliantly put into relatable words." Amazon customer