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Divorce Goddess Podcast

Feb 7, 2020

I talk to Kimie, a child of divorced parents about raising children in a narcissistic culture and how she had to be creative about keeping them safe and getting them through the dating and relationship cycle. What she found was the culture was becoming more narcissistic and common sense was not really part of the process. Doing everything she thought possible abuse still found her world. Rebuilding and using that anger and pain has become the motivation for WorththeWar.

WorththeWar is focused on helping prepare people to Love well and avoid abuse. To support learning from past relationships and move forward with a plan to find and keep Healthy Love.

  • We talk Modern culture love v real love and the influence of narcissism
  • The enemy to health love that is pornography
  • The narcissist's playground that is online dating
  • How we can protect ourselves and our children moving forward
  • Green flags rather than always red ones

Find Kimie:

Web:  WorththeWar

Insta: @worththewar

YouTube: WorthTheWar

Find Tosh: @divorcegoddess

Web: divorcegoddess

Mentions: fightthenewdrug and Your Brain On Porn