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Divorce Goddess Podcast

Nov 24, 2019

Tosh is joined by ‘‘The Rev’ Gail Love-Schock, an Interfaith Reverend and the world’s first and only Energy Transformation Strategist. She has helped thousands of people move through radical change, moving closer to love and celebration through meditation, ceremony, ritual, mentorship, and retreats.

Gail’s ministry focuses on the taboo subjects of life including sex, money and death, all of which enable people to live a rich, vibrant and meaningful life today.

Accredited by One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, she has featured in global outlets such as The Sunday Times, New York Post, The Sunday Post, and Psychologies.

I discovered Gail through an Instagram post on her 85 house moves (and she is about to do it again) I thought my 7 times in 7 years was good. I thought Gail must have valuable tips to help people feel less stressed when they move, especially after divorce.

She loves getting organised physically and mentally, spiritually and mentally and guides us through her thoughts, strategies and loving tips to support you through this difficult, challenging and often painful time. 

In this episode :

I talk to Gail about what ‘Moving Home’ means to her and she shares her story.

We talk about the power of intention, the importance of a Coorie corner and why Gail believes every house should have one (at least).

We delve into how to face packing when you feel emotionally, physically and mentally depleted and why the act of ‘self-liking’ is important before we go for the ‘self-love’.

We talk about how we can reconnect back to ourselves through the most challenging and difficult times of our lives. Gail also shares her Moving Project and the importance of keeping it simple, keeping it moving and keeping it light.

She shares her wisdom with her wonderful Scottish humour in this magical episode. I hope you enjoy this and do reach out and share your thoughts.

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