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Divorce Goddess Podcast

Feb 13, 2020

I am joined this week by Nicole Richmond, blogger and author of "Making a Stylish Exit" for a fun, light-hearted and eye-opening episode.

Nicole was born in Washington, D.C. Before jumping the pond, she pursued her passions and received a B.A in Fashion Merchandising and worked exclusively in the fashion industry. 

These days she is a self-love advocate, freelance content creator and self-proclaimed shoe addict. However, her most important job is raising her sons well to be good, kind young men. She does most of her work from the comfort of her home in Geneva, Switzerland.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How to put your best foot forward
  • Tips to look good so you feel good about yourself
  • How to hold it together at the school gate
  • Dating tips and some funny dating stories!
  • The secret empowering colour you should always be wearing... somewhere!
  • What to wear to mediation and Court
  • Why loving yourself is about being honest... and lots more!

Find Nicole:

IG : @makingastylishexit


Book: Making Stylish Exit


Find Tosh:

IG: @divorcegoddess