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Divorce Goddess Podcast

Jul 6, 2022

Tosh is delighted to be chatting to her guest in this episode of the Divorce Goddess Podcast. Sarah Armstrong is a good divorce proponent who, based on her personal experience wrote "The Mom’s Guide to a Good Divorce: What to Think Through When Children are Involved" (

She defines a good divorce as one that puts the children first. Of course, most divorcing parents say they want to do what’s best for the children but walking that walk through the stresses of a divorce is challenging at best.

Sarah’s valuable advice and actionable strategies can help. What's so interesting about Sarah is that -- by day -- she is Vice President of Global Marketing Operations at Google, who has mentored both men and women her entire career.

After hours, she is an avid “good divorce” proponent whose personal passion is sharing the keys to having a good divorce with moms everywhere.


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