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Divorce Goddess Podcast

Aug 3, 2022

Lottie Leefe is the founder of The Dura Society, a financial well-being community and consultancy designed to craft a deeper connection between wealth and well-being. With over a decade of experience working with HNW individuals both in wealth management and in property, Lottie has a signature approach to women's wealth.

Dura Private was launched in 2020, as a project management service during stressful financial transitions, such as separation or divorce. They coordinate, manage and oversee the process of financial disentanglement as an independent consultancy providing impartial and empathetic guidance to their clients. Dura Private is featured in this year's Spear's 500 Family Office Services.

Lottie holds the Diploma in Financial Planning (CII), the Certificate in Discretionary Fund Management, and a BA in Interdisciplinary Design. She is a member of the Financial Therapy Association, the Personal Financial Society, and is a Spear's 500 Rising Star and Investment Week Rising Star. She runs regular events, workshops and coaching to empower women to take control of their wealth.