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Divorce Goddess Podcast

Feb 29, 2020

This week I am super excited to be chatting with my lovely friend Dominique about the 'divorce diet' and how to:

  • Keep it simple, healthy and save money
  • Eat well before those all-important and stressful meetings
  • Support your energy levels with easy and inexpensive snacks when you are time poor
  • Feed you and your kids healthily when you are time poor

Plus lots of easy, good eating hacks

Dominique is a qualified Nutritionist as well as being a registered Nutritional Therapist. She has over 27 years of experience working in the field of nutrition and has been working as a Nutritional Therapist for over 13 years. She has a wealth of clinical experience and over the years has seen over a thousand clients.

She works in a busy clinic and is currently completing her qualification with the prestigious Institute of Functional Medicine in the United States.

She works with many different health conditions and uses an integrated medicine approach that specialises in digestive health, women’s hormones, auto-immune conditions and weight management. She has a number of A-lister, high profile celebrities among her clients and is highly sought after.

Her passion and enthusiasm for healthy eating is apparent as soon as you meet her, and her approach is refreshing and contagious.  She makes you want to rush off to the supermarket straight after meeting her and start cooking up some of her amazing recipes.

She has the ability to take every-day, normal foods and effortlessly make them into something both nutritious and delicious. Her approach is down to earth, no-nonsense and her depth of knowledge is astonishing.

Find Dominique: 

IG: @dominiqueludwig_nutrition


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