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Divorce Goddess Podcast

Jul 10, 2020

Today on the podcast I am talking to children’s author Lyndsi Richards about her debut book A Tuesday Kind of Love in which she reminds children whose parents are no longer together, that love and respect for one another can still exist in their separate homes.

Lyndsi, originally from Hawaii and now living in Los Angeles, is a single mom of 4 year old twins.

This vibrant and vulnerable picture book follows the love story of gorilla Lani and monkey Kanoa and their journey to becoming parents. But after their twins Lili and Koi are born, they begin arguing and missing the lives they had when they were on their own. They make the difficult decision to separate, but are determined to show their children that they still appreciate one another, as Kanoa swings down and brings the mother of his child flowers every Tuesday.

We talk about the:

  • difficulties and challenges around being a single parent
  • how to show kindness and appreciation to your Ex (yep!!)
  • benefits of maintaining a healthy relationship whilst co-parenting

 “Love is understanding, forgiving and respectful. It can still be powerful and pure even if you set it free.”

Find Lyndsi: 
Instagram: @lyndsi_aloha @atuesdaykindoflove

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