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Divorce Goddess Podcast

Aug 1, 2021

Dr J C Doornick is a health, lifestyle and success coach, influencer, podcaster of Rise Up With Dragon, author, public speaker and all round kind human! He was also a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic for 17 years with a practice in Westchester NY serving VIP clients such as the NY Rangers and Heavy Metal Band Anthrax, CEOS, and royalty.

He co-founded Chiromission the Doctors without Borders of the Natural Healing realm and has guided about 1,000 DC's on mission trips, built orphanages and fed thousands of hungry souls in the third world.

He now owns an International Health Transformation Coaching Company to support thousands of clients world wide to create and transform their health and places a large focus on helping the care giver get better results but do so while experiencing a better quality of life with self care, time and financial freedom. As a world traveller, he enjoys the fruits of setting his own hours and working remotely from wherever he and his family are.

He is quoted as saying that the doctor of the future will focus on the true cause of disease in Lifestyle and Habits.

Rise Up With Dragon Podcast
Clubhouse: @makessens